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This, hands down, is our biggest bag!

From San Francisco to New York; Saint Louis to Portland; we supply Food Couriers around the Country with our high quality, hand made, affordable cycling specific back packs and accessories that aid them in their work!

This is hands down our biggest bag and the most popular amongst couriers around the world. Something about the sheer size of this bag makes it extremely viable to those who work on the bike. Ask any messenger about the Americano, and I guarantee you they will mention its large and robust size! Weighing in at 5 LBS with a capacity of 90L, the weight to size ratio is key for this bag.
Size: 31″ x 15″ x 11″
Key Components:
  • Hard Backing (included)
  • Vented Mesh (to reduce sweating, All Options Only)
  • Padded Back (for comfort)
  • 1″ Padded Shoulder Straps (for comfort)
  • Front Pocket System which allows the user to keep their personal items and necessities organized and easily accessible.
  • Large (main portion) of Roll Top – perfect for “clam shell” to-go boxes, size adjustable, fully waterproof, and insulated to keep hot orders hot, and cold orders cold; while not affecting the riders body temperature.
  • Outside “side” pockets, perfect for bottles and to-go cups that are sealed (All Options Only
  • Multiple Compression Straps – to allow the rider to “cinch” the bag down for comfort/ stability (All Options Only)
  • Padded Waist Straps (w/ Vented Mesh) for ultra stability and comfort (All Options Only)
  • Outside Cargo Straps: for holding items on the outside of the bag that will not fit into the main portion of the Roll Top (All Options Only)
  • Silver 3M Reflective: to be seen at night (All Options Only)
  • Zippered Lid Front Pocket (All Options Only)

*New Removable Hard Plastic Base* – to purchase the base solely by itself, follow the link and add to cart; please email us at if you're interested in a clear vinyl lid.

Weight: 5.5 lbs

Dimensions: 31" x 15" x 11"

Liters: 84 L (Main Compartment), 6 L (Front Pocket)

Made from a 1000D Cordura Shell with Nylon and Polypropylene webbing. The straps are made from Cordura and closed cell foam.

• The liner is a “floating liner”, and is made form Orange 18oz Vinyl. Super Heavy duty and fully weatherproof.

Certain color variations are made to order and require a small lead time. Please call/email us to get an exact stock list for this product.

Front Pocket (comprised of 2 pockets that fit a water bottle and most U-locks)

• Document pocket with a waterproof zipper (Oh so fancy!)

• Padded back with awesome Zig Zag Design

• 1/2″ Thick Padded Straps

• Side release buckles at the end of each strap

• Blinky Light Loop (located near the bottom of the bag)

• Carrying Strap

• High visibility reflective strips

• Compression straps

• Dual Side Water bottle Pockets

• Padded Waist stability Straps

• Vented Mesh Backing
Review  (verified owner):

I’ve had my Americano for 4 months have used it every day since! The compression straps are a great addition for when you don’t have much in the bag. The side pockets fit a standard u-lock or two water bottles. The plastic backplate really helps keep things like books and my computer upright as well as preventing the other contents of my bag from poking my back and making the ride uncomfortable. Basically I love how humongous this thing is. I can easily carry 30+ pounds of groceries and still have room to spare.

The bag is made very well and I have zero complaints about it thus far. Better to go big than wish you had.

Review (verified owner):

I have only had my Americano for a few weeks now and it is by far the best backpack that I have owned. I was also able to put this thing through a heavy rain test the other day and everything was completely dry and the bag itself dried off very quickly (through the course of a one hour class). The guys at Roadrunner were incredibly nice and great to talk to throughout the making of my bag as well. They respond quickly and really stay in-touch with you. It was a very nice transaction and I the anxious wait to have my bag was more than worth it. I can literally fit whatever I need in this massive backpack (just throwing it out there that I fit a small 8 year old child and a small dog in this bag at the same time with it on my back) and it’s surprisingly comfortable even with some weight added on. Well, depending on how strong your shoulders and bag are. I have every add-on with my bag, so all of those options are definitely helping me out and coming into play on my daily rides. If you’re looking for some comfort and a breathable back then I highly recommend the extra padding and the back mesh. The extra pockets and zipped pockets are very nice and help me out with some extra, smaller things that I need to carry. The waist and chest stability straps helped me out a ton when I was riding around with a big box and a lot of weight, so that is a major plus if you’re looking into getting this bag for courier services or just carrying a lot of stuff. The side pockets are basically a must in my opinion because you can store your u-lock/u-locks and some water (or whatever else you might need) in them. I recently stared using a speaker in those pockets as well and it works beautifully. The package straps are very nice and easy to use when it comes to strapping any sized boxes on the outside of the bag, so again, very good for large deliveries or just carrying a lot. Now here is something that I didn’t think about, but they definitely came into play when I got the bag and started using it. The compression straps that you can get on the bottom and sides of your bag are a very good thing to have if you’re not wanting your bag to look absolutely gigantic all of the time. I don’t always fill my Americano completely, so it’s nice to compress it all down and make it look less huge or spacey with a small amount of baggage. All-in-all, I highly recommend this bag and the additional add-ons are fantastic. These guys have outdone themselves. If you’re iffy on whether or not to go big with a bag, then I’m throwing this review out there so it might change your mind. Like the previous review says, “Better to go big than wish you had.” Have a good one, guys. Loving the bag.

Review  (verified owner):

In short, this bag is worth every penny. I’ve used this thing every day since i got it a couple months ago and it’s held up perfectly. It’s very well made out of heavy-duty Cordura and plastic parts that don’t feel cheap or flimsy like some other bags I’ve used. It eats 75 pound grocery orders for breakfast and file boxes for dessert. Go big or go home. Thanks to the padded back piece and shoulder straps, carrying said items won’t make you absolutely hate your life after riding for five minutes either.

The layout is nice too, even if you don’t select the extra side pockets the smaller back pocket is partitioned off so you have easy access to what you need when you need it and you’re not digging through a bunch of junk to get it. The straps have plenty of space to attach a radio or phone, are easy to adjust, stay out of the way , come with handy quick release buckles and best of all they don’t dig in even when you’re pushing serious weight. Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all!

Best of all the Realtree (or is it Mossy Oak?) pattern looks freakin’ sweet!

I don’t know what else to say to convince people that this bag is well worth the time and money if you’r doing any serious bike hauling. It’s just become that essential.

Review  (verified owner):

I’ve been using one of these bags for almost a year and I’ve used it for a number of things. I’ve used it and continue to use it for work as a courier, I’ve taken it camping, moving house, used it as doggy transit, etc. The straps and back pad are very comfy and everything is very well put together. I like the fact that if you have a full load, you can still access the front pocket. The main pocket also remains accessible when the cargo straps are being utilized. There are a few things I’d change about this bag, all in all however it is worth every penny.